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All of the Cullen family in ‘Twilight’ are described as breathtakingly beautiful; in fact, this and their aloofness in the cafeteria of the school is the first thing that draws Bella’s attention towards them.

“Their faces, so different, so similar, were all devastatingly, inhumanly beautiful.” (TW1)
Although Bella is immediately drawn to Edward, we have frequent repetition of just how attractive all of the vampires are. Carlisle is described as looking “more like a model than a doctor” (TW24), Rosalie is so gorgeous that “the perfect blonde girl” (TW1) is “beyond belief”, Emmett and Jasper are “intimidating and flawless”, Alice is “striking” (TW Epilogue), and Edward is described as “dazzling” (TW2) and “too beautiful to be real” (TW13). Esme, whilst not as prominent in the novel as the others, still “had the same pale, beautiful features as the rest of them” (TW 13).
We discover that their perfect “marble” (TW13) features are merely part of their arsenal of weapons to make them enticing to their prey.

Ironically, many of the words Bella chooses to describe the vampires are an inversion of the stereotypical beliefs about the creatures. Edward is frequently described as an “angel” (TW23) or mention is made of “his angel’s face” (TW13). His eyes are “golden” at times (TW13) and the constant reinforcement of the positive imagery and implications supports the fact that the Cullens are, indeed, an altogether different version of vampire to that covered by legend.

It is worth noting that in Meyer’s world the transformation from human to vampire intensifies everything, including looks.
“The change into a vampire makes an average person stunning and a beautiful person absolutely beyond breath-taking. The reason Rosalie is such a beautiful vampire is because she was the most beautiful girl in Rochester, New York when she was human.” (PC4)
Therefore, as Meyer herself concludes, all of the Cullens were physically attractive to start with, and their transition to vampire state merely enhances what was already there in much the same way that Carlisle believed that a person’s greatest gift was taken with them (such as Esme’s capacity for love) and made stronger.

Their movements are described as fluent and fluid, very graceful. Alice’s movements in particular are equated with being like “dancing’, and are set in stark contrast to Bella’s own clumsiness.

The uncivilised vampires are described somewhat differently, their walk being “catlike” and “on the edge of shifting into a crouch” (TW18). The woman is described as having a posture that is “distinctly feline” (TW18) From their description alone, they are seen as far more animalistic, wild and uncontrolled than the “urbane” (TW18) Cullens, although they are capable of cursory civility.

James is the only vampire in the book who isn’t described as attractive; in fact he is “nondescript” (TW18). Meyer explains this as James:
“was quite unattractive as a human. This is rare, because even vampires are drawn by beauty. They tend to, when looking for companionship, choose exceptional humans.” (PC4)



It was a great night for Twilight at the 2011 Peoples Choice Awards on FOX, as Eclipse and its stars picked up several awards:

– Favorite Movie Actress: Kristen Stewart (who said she was recently filming Breaking Dawn scenes as a vampire)
– Favorite Movie: Eclipse
– Favorite Drama: Eclipse
– Best On Screen Team: Robert, Kristen, Taylor


Producer Wyck Godfrey disclosed the split point in the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, in an interview with USA Today. From the interview, we also get more details about director Bill Condon and some of the book’s most popular scenes.

Q: Where does the story split in half?

A: “We basically want to take the audience through the emotional part of Bella’s journey as she becomes a vampire. The first part will cover the wedding, the honeymoon and the birth.” The film ends just before she embarks on her supernatural transformation.

Q: Considering what goes on during the torturous birth process, how can the rating be PG-13?

A: With Twilight’s core of under-18 fans, “it would be a crime against our audience to go R-rated.” However, “this is based on a much more mature book. We need to progress and be more sophisticated.”

A compromise: Having the bloody, bone-crushing delivery be seen only through Bella’s eyes. “She is looking through the haze, experiencing pain and everything rushing around her. We only see what she sees.”

Q: How is the long-awaited consummation of Edward and Bella’s love portrayed?

A: Even though their physical relationship goes way beyond what was shown in the first three films, “it does not become soft porn. It is a legitimate and important part of the movie, romantic and sensual.”

Now we know! How do his answers make you feel about the movie?

Check out the rest of the article here.




Breaking Dawn 213633202 560x362 Director Bill Condon Tweets Special Holiday Message & Photo!! bella swan

Breaking Dawn bill 560x255 Director Bill Condon Tweets Special Holiday Message & Photo!! bella swanThe Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon tweeted from the officialTwilight Twitter account a Happy Holiday message with a photo of the Swan home at Christmas!

[Source: Twilight]


Kiowa Gordon (aka Embry Call) will be featured in the January issue of TROIX MagazineYear Of The Wolf!

TROIX has featured Jackson Rathbone and Christian Serratos.  Vamp, human and now wolf!!  Can’t wait to see it!

[Source: TROIX via Twifans]


Breaking Dawn Poster remember me 1 280x414 Robert Pattinsons Remember Me & Kristen Stewarts The Runaways Overlooked In 2010 kristen stewart


Robert Pattinson’s drama Remember Me was listed in, LA Times and for the most underrated, under appreciated and great film you missed in 2010.    Kristen Stewart’s rock biopic The Runaways was listed in the most overlooked movies in 2010 on Cinemablend.


Massively Underrated: Youth in Revolt / Remember Me
Youth in Revolt was an innovative comedy, but it was released during a time period where people skip the theatrical experience. And ifRemember Me had featured Ryan Gosling instead of Robert Pattinson it would have been correctly hailed as great. But people got far too caught up in the ending and Pattinson’s celebrity to catch that he was really freaking good in this movie. Definitely worth a watch if you you’re a fan of relationship dramas.

From Cinemablend:

Breaking Dawn the runaways final movie poster 280x414 Robert Pattinsons Remember Me & Kristen Stewarts The Runaways Overlooked In 2010 kristen stewartThe Runaways
When I reviewed the movie back in March I called Kristen Stewart a modern James Dean. I’m standing by that. If you’ve only seen her inTwilight, you’ve probably assumed the worst about the future vampire bride, but in The Runaways Stewart is stupendous as real life, fem rocker Joan Jett. The rest of the movie around her, isn’t bad either. It’s a real, seedy, drug-infested, sex-soaked rise to rock and roll fame tale, except all the rockers just happen to be girls. The film focuses primarily on the story of Runaways front girl Cherie Currie (Dakota Fanning) as she’s indoctrinated into the rock and roll lifestyle, then sexed up to sell records by the zany, scene-stealing Michael Shannon as manager Ken Fowler. But it’s Stewart Joan Jett who will really capture your attention, and she ends up carrying the movie. Stewart’s Joan lives and breathes guitar licks, as the true talent behind the music. The rock and roll scenes are toe-tapping fun and the tale of an all girl band manufactured, unleashed, and then run aground is as interesting and fucked up as it ought to be. You’d think any movie starring Kristen Stewart would be an instant sensation, yet somehow her Twilight fandom never really seemed to notice she was in it. Maybe it was the film’s hard R-rating which scared the overly chase Twilight crowd away. Whatever the reason, while the movie earned positive reviews, once it was released no one seemed to notice.



From Great Films You Missed In 2010:

10. Remember Me I know, I know, ‘but it’s got that guy with more gunk in his hair than Liz Hurley does in her nether regions’ but c’mon! many-a-good-actor have started out in the cinematic mailroom and graduated to an awe-impressive high-rise suite – just look at Robin ‘Mork’ Williams, Josh ‘Goonies’ Brolin, Tom ‘Bosom Buddies’ Hanks or Stephen ‘Evil Ed’ Geoffries! (Ok, bad example) – ain’t Robert Pattinson innocent until the gavel slams down!? This film, a heartrending relationship drama (it’s both about the rapport between a young couple and also one between a young man and his estranged father) that played to the tick of a 9/11 countdown, proved there’s much more to “Twilight” vamp Robert Pattinson than blank stares, sparkles and tree hopping. Quite simply, Pattinson was an eye-opener in this film. Skeptics need see it.

From LA Times Most Under Appreciated:

Some of the more popular picks didn’t surprise — they were big-release movies with a distinct sensibility that got dissed despite (or because) they felt unique — “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” most notably among them, or even the Sept. 11 romantic tearjerker “Remember Me.”

They were both great films!  It is such a shame that they were overlooked because ofTwilight.   Stupid people.   They were both brilliant.  I know Rob’s Water For Elephants,Bel Ami and Kristen’s On The Road will prove everyone AGAIN what kind of talent these two have!

[Source: Film.comCinemablendLA Times and Moviehole.]

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